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Notice of activity: the 10th career planning competition of Nanjing University (preliminary competition of social science competition area) is coming!

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Plan your career and light up your youth
The 10th career planning competition of Nanjing University in 2020
(SOCIAL SCIENCE preliminary)
Life is a journey of constant adjustment
There are so many people on the way
Plan workplace and light life with youth on campus
Show your career dream on the field
Draw a blueprint for the future
Unconsciously, 2020 has passed by a third
Stay at home in this section
In the long time of contributing to our country
Do you think more about your future?
|Career planning is never too early,
Do you have your own ideas|
Here comes the chance!
● the 10th career planning competition, official invitation to South University! If you want to be brave on the road of academic research, or want to go to all walks of life, you are welcome to participate actively and show your unique blueprint.
● this is not only a competition, because in addition to the invincible rich prizes, it is more important that you can receive professional guidance in the process and get the opportunity to improve yourself!
|You're going to get a lot|
The 10th career planning competition of Nanjing University is divided into
Three links: preliminary, semi final and final
1、 Preliminary competition (Department selection)
● the preliminary competition is jointly held by six departments of Social Sciences (law school, social school, government management school, information management school, Marxism school and Social Sciences). We will select outstanding players from the preliminary competition to participate in the school level re competition.
● competition time: 19:00 p.m. on May 25 (Monday)
● competition form: career planning review + video interview defense (Tencent conference, zoom and other technical platforms)
● participants: all undergraduate students, master's and doctoral students of the Department of Social Sciences
● registration method: students who are interested in applying for the competition, please scan the code to join the registration contact
2、 Second round (school wide selection)
Time: June 2020
● form: review the video and planning of the preliminary competition submitted by the Department, and finally determine the finalists
3、 Final (school wide selection)
Time: September 2020
● form: on site display (tentative)
Preliminary social science competition
1、 Competition process and requirements
(1) Career planning assessment
● before May 10 (Sunday), contestants need to use "Jixun college students' career evaluation and planning system" to participate in the career planning evaluation. Through participating in the evaluation, corresponding career evaluation reports can be generated for your reference. The evaluation report will be suitable for your career from the aspects of interest, ability, character, values and so on. The report can also help you better prepare your own career planning book!
● remarks: the competition will provide career planning assessment account number for all the applicants (no need to register, the initial account number is student number when logging in, and the initial password is the last six digits of ID number).
● assessment website: mobile wechat code scanning assessment is also available.
● if the user name and password cannot be logged in, please contact the counselors of each department.
● operation manual of evaluation system:
(2) Lecture on career planning
Hesitation, difficult to plan career? I don't know where to start the career planning book?
never mind! At 19:00 p.m. on Friday, May 8, Mr. Zhao Juan, career lecturer group of Nanjing University Employment Center, will bring a lecture "writing career planning book in the way of storytelling" to answer questions and solve doubts about career planning book writing and career interest exploration. Welcome to participate actively!
● lecture platform: Zoom (Conference ID: 99059153595)
● Speaker: Zhao Juan
● Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee and postgraduate counselor of the school of government management.
● national professional psychologist (Level II), national entrepreneurship Consultant (Level II)
Master of higher education, doctor of sociology, with rich education, psychology, sociology professional background, long-term career and career guidance for students. Self exploration and career planning, a public elective course of the whole school, has been well received by students.
Carry out a series of activities of "career guidance workshop", and organize students to carry out multiple career group counseling activities. With rich experience in vocational planning competition, students have won the special prize of Jiangsu Vocational planning competition.
Power house
(3) Material submission
All contestants need to submit a career plan (required) to by 12:00 on May 20 (Friday), with "name + grade + Department + student number" as the email name and my career plan as the attachment. At the same time, submitting the career person interview report and career experience report can be a bonus!
Here are some excellent planning books of previous competitions for your reference. You are also welcome to seek help and guidance from counselors and teachers~~
Excellent plan:
(4) Judges review written works of contestants
The judges will review the documents submitted by the contestants in advance, including career planning book (required option), career interview report and career experience report (the latter two items are additional items, and no hard requirements are made in the preliminary stage), and give scores.
(5) Online defense
Contestants need to prepare PPT to show their career plan on the spot within 6 minutes. The judges will ask interactive questions according to the performance of each contestant, and then give the corresponding score of the statement and question and answer stage.
(6) Award evaluation
Finally, the first prize, the second prize and the third prize will be selected according to the materials, personal statements and the performance of the Q & A links submitted by the contestants.
2、 Entry benefits
In the process of competition, the contestants have deep needs in career planning. The school career consulting office can provide one-to-one career planning guidance services. You can log in the wechat platform of "NANDA employment" for consultation and appointment.
3、 Award settings
First prize 3
Custom dress
Walkers headset
Bose sounlink Mini Bluetooth speaker II
6 second prizes
Mofei Juicer
Xiaomi Youpin portable hanging ironing machine
Snack pack
Millet Bracelet
9 third prizes
Lamy Lingmei pen
Loho Sunglasses
Millet body fat scale
Xiaomi Xiaoai audio
Rome charging treasure
Other matters not mentioned and the instructions for the competition will be communicated and answered in wechat group.
Nanjing University
Institute of political management
Copy by fan Xiaoxia and Xu Ying
Edited by Feng Gong and Zhu mengdan

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