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[new book recommendation] new book recommendation of Changning children's Library in May

2020-05-04 3897162

"Little princess looking for baby"
Author: Yoshito Arai
Press: Nanjing University Press
Introduce: This is a picture book that lets a person listen to inner voice. Every time the little princess set out to look for the baby, she "forgot" what the baby was. After experiencing taste - delicious cake, vision - Sparkling gemstone, hearing - wonderful music, it's like walking into the giant country, even if the little princess loudly asks: "does anyone know what my baby is?" But no one could hear. Until the little prince's laughter, friends appear In fact, the process of finding the baby is to gradually ask for the inner voice. The little princess "finds" the baby, in fact, finds the inner voice to listen to. In the colorful world, "don't forget" to listen to your inner voice is the wisdom of a happy life. In addition, picture books cleverly set up a diary for the little princess to look for her baby every day. The children read and watched, and naturally learned to write pictures to record and express themselves.
Claim No.: i313.85/4253-12
Collection location: Junior room
My name is heart
Author: Andre De'ang
Press: Hebei publishing media group
Introduction: an advertisement poem about love, a happy and beautiful feeling, a picture book of sweet dreams. Andre De'ang, a master of international picture books, continues the classic style, using warm and bright illustrations with poetic and elegant words to open up a world full of love for children and encourage them to learn to love, feel love and share love. The image of "heart" is simple, pure and beautiful. It also gives people warm, warm and joyful feelings. The two hearts attract and accompany each other, and convey happiness, so that children can develop empathy and feel the beauty of company together.
Claim No.: i565.85/2267-19
Collection location: Junior room
Meimei's first day at school
Author: Kate bellub
Publishing House: Beijing United Publishing Company
Introduce: the picture book that the child enters a school is necessary, help the child to pass the anxious period of entering a school at ease, make entrance psychological preparation. Close to children's real life, the description of children's daily life and problems can arouse children's resonance. Encourage children to go out of fear and escape, build friendship, learn to share, and bravely accept the new world and new challenges. Everyone has a plum in his heart. When he is afraid, he hides in a place that few people know. Avoiding fear is not the solution. Only by opening up, sharing and meeting challenges can we move forward.
Claim No.: i712.85/7824-3
Collection location: Junior room
Children, read for yourself
Author: Shen Nian
Press: China Friendship Publishing Company
Introduction: because of the unclear understanding of the purpose of reading, many teenagers are faced with the problem of insufficient reading motivation. They are confused and confused, reading for teachers? Reading for parents? This book tells us the essence of reading: for yourself! Only by reading well can you acquire more knowledge; only by reading well can you see a richer life; only by reading well can you make yourself better; only by reading well can you have the ability to pursue your dreams Children, love reading. The book you read is a ship, which leads you to the far side of life and enables you to see the wider world.
Claim No.: g442-49 / 3183
Collection location: comprehensive reading area
The order of time
Author: Carlo lowerley
Press: Hunan Science and Technology Press
Introduce: why do we remember the past, not the future? What does time "pass" mean? Are we in time, or is time in us? Using poetic words, Carlo Lowe invites us to think about the essence of time. In our intuition, time is unified throughout the universe. It flows steadily from the past to the future, which can be measured by clocks and watches. Corowelley reveals to us a strange universe, where the characteristics of time collapse one by one, and on the basic level, time disappears. He told us that our perception of the passage of time depends on our perspective
Claim No.: o4-49 / 6252-2
Collection location: reading area for middle school students
Four spring
Author: Lu Qingyi
Press: Nanhai press
Introduce: "four spring" is Lu Qingyi's first writing work, he uses affectionate simple writing and full of temperature photography, record parents, hometown, old knowledge Among the pages of the book, the southwest town is full of Yan fire, human feelings and poetic life. Those who are away from home can only go home during the Spring Festival, and spend most of their time with their parents in the spring - the parents who have been half a century old, but the "local taste" is full of intelligent local people, crushing ordinary fragments, soft and romantic trifles. The record of Chinese cabbage in clear water is simple but hot. Though not our own story, it happens in every day of our lives. The scenery may be different, but the warm feeling of family, the miscellaneous taste of the vicissitudes of the world, and the nostalgia for time and old people are interlinked. Across the mountains and seas, don't forget to go home and write to the parents and every wandering child in the world. Poetic, not in the distance, beside.
Claim No.: i267.1/7202-7
Collection location: reading area for middle school students
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