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Exposure of enrollment policy of strong foundation plan of Nanjing University

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On April 20, Nanjing University detailed the enrollment process, application major, training mode, etc. of the strong foundation plan at the enrollment promotion meeting. The details are as follows:
1. Application qualification: the province where the strong foundation plan is arranged to enroll students; the province which meets the requirements of the national unified examination for enrollment of general colleges and universities in 2020; the province with excellent comprehensive quality or top-notch basic subjects (excellent results in the college entrance examination or higher awards in authoritative competitions); the senior high school graduates who are willing to engage in science and technology work in related fields in the future.
2. There are 9 Application majors, among which mathematics, information and computing science, physics and astronomy require physics, chemistry and Bioscience require physics or chemistry; Chinese language and Literature (ancient Chinese characters) and philosophy are not limited to subjects; history requires history or geography.
3. Training mode: (1) implement scientific, multi-stage, dynamic in and out diversion mechanism;
(2) Establish the training mode of integration of general education and specialty, cross integration and integration of this research;
(3) Build a support system of one project, one tutor and one study tour for each student;
(4) Setting up special scholarships and awarding honorary degrees to undergraduates;
(5) In principle, it is not allowed to change majors, and the scope of changing majors is limited to the major of our school's strong foundation plan.
4. Breaking the rules: five university competitions can be broken the rules, but the specific requirements are not stated.
5. Score composition: 85% of college entrance examination score + 15% of college entrance examination score. The admission standards of award-winning students in five university competitions are the same.
6. The whole process time of strong base plan:
In the fourth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of education, the evaluation results of the school are as follows:
Enrollment in Zhejiang in 2019 is as follows:
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