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May 7, 19:30! Optical frontier online Professor Lu Yanqing of Nanjing University will discuss with you "soft" photonics based on liquid crystal

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Liquid crystal is a kind of ordered material state between the solid and the liquid, which has optical and electrical anisotropy. Based on the arrangement and assembly control of liquid crystal molecules, the photonic elements with different properties have rich connotations, novel properties and broad application prospects.
This week's "optical frontier online" live broadcast issue 25, we invited Professor of Nanjing University, Chinese Optics Lu Yanqing, executive editor of letters, and we discussed how to build one-dimensional, two-dimensional and even three-dimensional micro nano structures in liquid crystals, and then realize efficient, multi-dimensional local control and detection of light fields in different visible to terahertz bands, and apply them to different fields such as communication, sensing, imaging, etc.
"Optical frontier online" live broadcast issue 25
Professor Lu Yanqing Nanjing University
"Soft" photonics based on liquid crystal
Time: 19:30-20:30, May 7 (Thursday)
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