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Warm up the online theme group day activity of "May 4th spirit, inheriting me" of Nanjing University Business School

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May 4th spirit, inheriting me
Sing for youth
The aftertone of spring is still reverberating, and the overture of summer comes faintly. We are about to usher in the annual May 4th Youth Day, which is a great festival celebrated by all the young people in the country.
On this festival, in order to further unite and gather the strength of our youth league members, carry forward and inherit the spirit of the May 4th movement, commend advanced models, and set a typical example, the Committee of Nanjing University Business School of the Communist Youth League plans to carry out the May 4th Movement appraisal and commendation conference of Nanjing University Business School in 2020 and the closing ceremony of the first group backbone training course - "May 4th movement, inheriting self" online theme group day Move.
In this group day activity, you will hear the wonderful speeches made by the representatives of excellent students, learn from their experience of tempering their thoughts and increasing their abilities, and get inspiration from them; you will meet many excellent students online to explore the relationship between patriotism and the spirit of the times; listen to the sound of the "May 4th wind thunder" carefully, and taste the precious historical wealth left behind, and you will have some insights Grow up
When you marvel at their profound knowledge and lofty spiritual realm, you will feel inspired and move forward more firmly.
History and future
History shows that the prosperity of youth means the prosperity of the country. Youth is the most sensitive barometer of a country's development and momentum.
A hundred years ago, the May 4th Youth took to the streets, played the prelude of the new democratic revolution, and injected a tremendous force into China's national independence and prosperity.
A hundred years later, another group of young people in the new era have grown up. They have ideals and responsibilities. They are on the long march of the new era and become the backbone and pillar of the construction of the new era.
We're going to be them - or we're already one of them.
It is gratifying that in the past 2019, the Youth League Committee of our college has not forgotten its original intention, closely followed the pace of the party, and achieved fruitful results in various work; the youth of South business are committed to innovation, struggle and hard work, showing the spirit of youth.
And this group day is another precious opportunity for our young people in southern business to add their own spiritual meals.
Event details
The theme group day will be held from 9:30 to 11:30 on May 5. At that time, we will hold a meeting on the zoom platform.
Zoom conference ID: 758 914 9739
Password: 2020
Member of the student union of Business School Youth League Committee;
Members of the business school's 2016-2019 group general branch;
Secretary and monitor of the League branch of business school from 2016 to 2019;
Business school group backbone training course graduates;
All the winners of the "May 4th" award of business school;
Part of students of business school youth learning society.
The hero is immortal and his soul is immortal; the May 4th spirit is inherited by me.
When the nation rises, the road is blocked and the road is long; when the line is coming, the powerful country will have me.
We want to believe that, 2020, all the grand and gorgeous, even if postponed, will come.
You are welcome to attend this activity, learn together and make progress together. We are looking forward to meeting you again online and going to the "cloud flowering period", so that the May 4th spirit will glow in the new era.
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-Youth of South business-
Picture and text: Propaganda Department of the Youth League Committee of Nanjing University Business School
Edited by Xu Wenchen
To be responsible for the preparation of "Chang Jiayi"

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