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Methyl Phenyl vinyl silicone Gum MY 120 PVMQ

Methyl Phenyl vinyl silicone Gum MY 120 PVMQ

Other Names: Phenyl Vinyl Methyl Silicone, Poly Dimethyl Diphenyl Vinyl Siloxane, PVMQ

Properties :
Methyl phenyl vinyl silicone gum contains a large number of phenyl groups in the raw rubber molecule. In addition to the high temperature resistance and dielectric properties common to methyl vinyl silicone rubber, it also has better radiation resistance and burning resistance. corrosion resistance, physical and mechanical properties and excellent low temperature performance. This product is insoluble in water, soluble in toluene, etc., with small compression deformation. Excellent characteristics of resistance to saturated vapor pressure.

In aviation, electronics, machinery, chemical and other industrial sectors, it can be used to manufacture high and low temperature resistant sealing materials and waterproof and moisture-proof insulating materials; and because of its physiological inertia, it can be used for blood cold storage and medical tubes in medicine and hygiene; it can also be used Used in the manufacture of sealing materials and molded products with special properties such as radiation resistance, high temperature resistance, and ablation resistance.

Technical index:

This value is a typical data, non product specification value







Phenyl contentPh/Si



molecular weightMw



specific gravity25








High and low temperature resistance, higher reliability in operation and performance

Adjustable modulus - design flexibility

Excellent cold resistance (low phenyl content)

Excellent resistance to ablation (medium and high phenyl content)

Excellent radiation resistance (high phenyl content)


Packaging And Storage:

20kg/drum (lined with plastic bags)

Shelf life is 1 year. 

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