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Details Information

Eco-friendly Solid Silicone Resin IOTA GT3

Product description

IOTA GT3 Pure silicone resin has excellent high and low temperature properties, arc corona resistance, electrical insulation properties, and water and moisture resistance. It has good weathering resistance, high mechanical properties, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance and chemical stability. The resin is used for protection of   high temperature equipment coatings, high temperature anti-corrosive coatings, powder coatings, insulating materials, weather resistant coatings, inks and other special coatings. IOTA GT3 has high methyl content, high hardness and brittleness, and good film gloss. The molding compound made from this solid resin has a low thermal expansion coefficient. This product has a low softening point and can form a film at 180-200 degrees to reduce energy consumption.

Technical index

Appearance: White powder or granular

Heat resistance of varnish (350℃, 2h, %): ≤5 (thermal weight loss)

Solid content: (180℃, 1h, %): ≥99

Gelation time (200℃, min): 5~15 (customized according to customers’ requirements)

Softening point(℃): 85 ± 5


1.    Used as high temperature resistant powder coating or liquid resin.

2.    It can also be combined with epoxy, polyester and other powder resins.

3.    Used in coatings like barbecue grills, mufflers, exhaust pipes and other fields that require high-temperature anti-corrosion coating, insulating materials or spacecraft, and military equipment.

How to use?

A thermosetting composite system prepared by mixing organic silicon solid resin with fillers, pigments, curing agents, additives or glass fibers, etc., and can be processed by transfer molding, electrostatic spraying, and solvent-based methods.


1. Does not contain solvents and fully meets environmental protection requirements;

2. It is not sticky at room temperature, and the powder will not agglomerate when stored;

3. It can be mixed with IOTA GT5 to meet the different requirements;

Packaging, storage and transportation

1. packed in plastic bag or composite carton (50Kg) or customized according to customer requirements; double-layer inner bag is moisture-proof and sealed.

2. The product should be stored in a cool and dry place ≤30C to prevent direct sunlight; the shelf life is 12 months, and it can still be used after passing the inspection.

3. Transported as non-dangerous goods.

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